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Generosity – LET IT SHINE!


As we enter this new year, my thoughts have been dwelling on the concept of generosity and how it affects our lives. Of course, generosity also reflects my commitment to the 2015 pledge campaign for our beloved community. I have been reading Mark Ewart’s Generosity Path and transforming my understanding of giving and receiving in […]

A Natural Bridge – February 2015


A Natural Bridge – Monthly Letter from Our Minister First, let me share my schedule for the month of February. During the first week, you have helped make it possible for me to attend the third UU Institute for Excellence in Ministry. This one will be held at the Asilomar Retreat Center in Monterey, California. It is […]

The President’s Message: A Community of Worship


Our Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is a community of worship. Worship, of course, means many different things according to the backgrounds and traditions from which we each come. Rick Kelley has described it as “the act of joining with others—whereby we intensify, both intellectually and emotionally, some of the many ties which relate us to the […]