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Religious Education Matters – October 2015


The RE Program has a lot to offer the families of this congregation, and we encourage you to commit to being part of it. The more your children are here, the more at home they will feel and the more they will want to come. Like anything else that matters, the more you put into it the more […]

The President’s Message – October 2015


As I write this, our minister, Jim McKinley, is preparing to go to Atlanta for minimally- invasive, robotic-assisted heart surgery. Jim wants you to know that he greatly appreciates and enjoys the notes and emails he is receiving from members of the congregation. He has been given a Care Shawl from the UUFH Knitters and is taking it […]

Buy a Little Sunshine during the September Solar Panel Challenge Bonus


If you have not already joined the Solar Project you still have time to “buy a little sunshine” in September. And your contribution will be eligible for the $2000 September Solar Panel Bonus. For new contribution of $25 to $125, a bonus of $10 will be added. For contributions from $150 to $500, a bonus of […]

Religious Education Matters – September 2015


We are very excited about our programming for this year! A lot of thought and care have been put into making our program relevant to, and engaging for, our families. The one thing we need is your participation. We have something of value to offer to the families of this congregation, and we encourage you to commit […]

The President’s September 2015 Message


Things have been moving along quickly on many fronts at UUFH. You may have noticed the new water cooler that can actually provide a stream higher than one inch. Thanks to Rich DeSimone, Marion Bradford, Tom Repici, and the UUFH Board, action was quickly taken the week of August 9 to install a functioning machine. Jack Caldwell has […]