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Musings from The Music Mouse


Anyone who grew up in the 20th century has “interesting times” to think about, not to mention the number of interesting events that have taken place in these early years of the 21st century. One of my own reasons for participating in a Unitarian Universalist congregation is to strengthen my inner resources so I can stay on […]

The Green Corner — 10 Reasons to Eat Less Meat


1. You’re likely to reverse heart disease. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Switching patients to a plant-based diet has been shown to not only treat heart disease, but also reverse its progression. 2. You’ll stay slim. Research has shown that eating meat has been linked to obesity. 3. You’ll save money. Vegetarian […]

Guest musician, Hiroya Tsukamotois, will play at Sunday’s Worship Service


Sunday, March 13, 10:30am at UUFH Hiroya Tsukamotois a one of a kind composer, guitarist and singer-songwriter from Kyoto, Japan. He began playing the five-string banjo when he was thirteen, and took up the guitar shortly after. Hiroya attended The Osaka University in Japan and Berklee College of Music in Boston. He is the recipient […]

Religious Education Matters – March 2016


UUFH Pledge Drive On Sunday, March 6, our Annual Pledge Drive begins. All members and friends will be sent a pledge card and asked to complete and return it with your commitment of financial support for the coming year. If you are new to the Fellowship, please check with any member of the Pledge Team, or with me, […]

A Natural Bridge – March 2016 Message from Rev. Jim McKinley


It is good to be back. My sabbatical was just what it needed to be; that rare gift that made it possible for me to be fully present so that big transitions in life became real shifts in me. In the service on Valentine’s Day, the children (with a lot of helpers) surprised me by unrolling a […]

The President’s Message – March 2016


We are going to bring our Blue Boat home. With Commitment Sunday on March 6, the crew of the SS UUFH is going to start the refueling stage of bringing our own Blue Boat into safe harbor. The Annual Pledge Drive Kickoff will be fun, creative, and joyful. Your pledge drive team, led by Vickie Powers and […]