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UUFH Solar Panels: 3,041.54 Pounds of CO2 Emission Saved


UUFH installed a 10 kW grid-tied solar array on the sanctuary roof last fall and had an outstanding response from the congregation. We surpassed our funding target and were able to install two additional panels (40 panels total). We were also able to purchase a display for visualizing the historical and real-time generation of the solar […]

Musings from the Music Mouse – April 2016


When aunts, uncles and cousins used to get together for holiday celebrations, all of us held our breath when my Uncle Tom finished greeting people and headed for the piano. He’d take his jacket off, roll up his sleeves, and hold his hands up in the air for a minute or so. Then he’d bring his hands down on […]

A Natural Bridge – April 2016 Message from Rev. Jim McKinley


The theme of April’s Soul Matters’ materials is Creation, and the overarching question is, “What Does It Mean To Be a People of Creation?”. The packet opens with a two-part quote from Peggy Taylor: “Creativity is simply our ability to dream things up and make them happen.” Creativity begins with the imagination and finding new connections and arrangements, […]

Deadline for 2016 Unsung Hero Award Nominations is April 15


You have a few more weeks to submit your nomination for the Social Justice Outreach Team’s (SJOT) annual Unsung Hero Award. Those nominated for this award should be UUFH members who have made or are making a solid continuing contribution to UUFH and/or the larger community. The selection process is as follows: an appointed Committee will review […]

The President’s Message – April 2016


This piece is going to be shorter than usual, you can thank me later.  My foremost thought is to recognize the absolutely positive energy in our congregation.  Think of what you have accomplished in the past few months.  From the open spirit and generosity of our people, we have installed a lift to make the sanctuary accessible for […]