UUFH installed a 10 kW grid-tied solar array on the sanctuary roof last fall and had an outstanding response from the congregation. We surpassed our funding target and were able to install two additional panels (40 panels total). We were also able to purchase a display for visualizing the historical and real-time generation of the solar panels.

The solar panels have built in diagnostics that record and transmit the individual output of each panel environmental benefits of solar panelsevery couple minutes and this information is captured in two webpages by solar-edge. One webpage is interactive. You can examine the historical output on different time scales and can even look at the individual production for each of the 40 panels. The other webpage is passive which flips through the current production for the day and the production for the last seven days. On this page you can also find out the amount of C02 saved, the equivalent of trees planted and the number of lightbulbs powered.

The solar array is anticipated to offset 80-90% of our annual electricity usage for the sanctuary and with current net-metering rates, the array is expected to save us $2,000 a year. 

graph showing solar power produced in April