We were very pleased to be Pledge Team leaders for 2017-18, along with Liz Curtis. Getting together with UUFH members and friends, visiting many of you in your homes, enjoying our Friday night Italian-themed dinner with Scottish dancing, the ice cream social, and hearing from those that shared why they believe in UUFH, were some of this year’s highlights.

Your generous pledges are appreciated and will help UUFH continue to thrive for generations to come, supporting justice, fairness, and respect for all.

At the time of this Beacon submission we have received pledge commitments of $167,729; short $32,271 of our goal of $200,000. We would appreciate your fundraising ideas that could help us reach this year’s goal or be incorporated into next year’s pledge campaign.

We are BETTER TOGETHER in work, play, inspiration, and support for our congregation.

—Your 2017-2018 Pledge Team Leaders:
M.C. Gaylord and Gwen Pernie