August 13 or September 17, 12:00 pm

When our last five-year Strategic Plan was adopted in 2008, it identified facility enhancement as a high priority goal. Our current 2015-2020 Strategic Plan emphasizes the continuing importance of this goal, while allowing for changed circumstances. For example, in 2008, we seriously considered building a new church on our recently purchased Brevard Road property. Current conditions now call for other options (identified in our current Strategic Plan) to reach our goal.

Over the past several years, your Board of Directors has thoroughly investigated and researched options for facility enhancement. The Board has considered many factors such as net cost, environmental impact, visibility, and razing, repairing, or upgrading some of our current facilities.

Board members now look forward to presenting the results of their work and collecting input from the Fellowship. Our initial objective is to identify all the options that should be considered and their various attributes.

The Board fully recognizes that follow-up discussions will be required once we have collected and characterized all the options. Any implementation of a long-term campus plan would be a separate process, and a timeline will be developed with the support and enthusiastic participation of our congregation.

Please join us after the service on either August 13 or September 17 at 12:00 pm for a discussion of these options and an opportunity to voice your comments or suggestions. You may bring a Brown Bag lunch to eat in Fellowship Hall before the meeting in the Sanctuary. We value your input!