Are you a new member or interested in joining UUFH? This post is about how we hope to support you! (For more information about how get involved, please reach out to Susan Maybin via our office.)

The Membership Committee is suggesting that we, the entire congregation, offer ourselves in care and support of our new members to help them connect in meaningful ways to our wonderful Fellowship. It is through personal connections, meaningful experiences, and community that new members will find and experience the bond of fellowship here.

Can you, as an individual, offer yourself to a new member? You would do this by:

  • connecting with your new member on Sunday morning and engaging in conversation
  • inviting the new member for coffee on a weekday morning
  • calling them on the phone just to say hello, and so on.

Be a touchstone, a mentor.

Please call any member of the Membership Committee if you are willing to help with “Meet you where you are with what we have to offer.”

Membership Committee members are Ann Talley, Cheryl Snyder, Harriet Hilton, Linda McElvey,  Regina Hutchinson, Sally Vice, Susan Harris, Wanda Hughes, and Susan Maybin.