“Make them hear you;
make them see you.
Will justice be demanded? 
Make them hear you!”

In 2003, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender members of this community knew they would not be hearing this kind of message in public places in North Carolina… Later, they struggled against an amendment to the state constitution, defining “marriage” as “between a man and a woman.”  In both South and North Carolina, these amendments passed overwhelmingly.

On October 14, 2017, at our Fellowship, people from all over Henderson and Buncombe Counties heard Cantaria, the gay men’s chorus of Asheville, sing the kind of music that supported everyone who opposed these amendments. The sanctuary was nearly full, as music gave heart to those in attendance and reminded everyone of what it took to oppose these amendments.

Cantaria’s singers added crisp intonations and rhythms to music that ranged from Renaissance motets to contemporary hits, such as “Diamonds Are a Girl’s [and a Boy’s] Best Friends.” Everyone was aware that applied to people of all genders.

Best of all, everyone was aware that love does welcome everyone to the Fellowship’s ranks. The commitment to beloved community was underscored for all—singers and audience members alike. Music brought people together, as it always will, holding everyone in the arms of love.

So may it continue to be.