If you find yourself thinking recurring questions about Jesus, Christianity, Unitarian Universalism and you, this might be just the opportunity you’ve been looking for:

Jesus and Christ for UUs: Book Study and Discussion Group

In a service last month titled, “Not Enough Jesus?” (as a question, not a statement), Rev. Jim said that since “both Unitarianism and Universalism evolved from Christian tradition with Jesus as exemplar and model, now one among many, could he and his teachings not be more a part of our religious understanding and practice? What might that mean?”

Unitarian Universalist minister, college chaplain and teacher, Scotty McLennan has written a book that explores those questions in just our language: Christ for Unitarian Universalists: A New Dialogue with Traditional Christianity.

Starting in January, Rev. McKinley will lead a study and discussion group using Rev. McLennan’s book. Twelve people have already signed up to be a part of such a course.

If this interests you, email the office at office@uufhnc.org with days and times that work for you to attend.

Please plan to come to a brief organizational meeting after service and Stone Soup luncheon at 12:30pm on November 19th. We will decide on days, times and frequency of meeting.

There can be more than one group if there is need and interest. We will have child care available for the sessions. The office will place a group order of books for those who request them. Hope you can be a part of this exciting conversation!