Charlotte and Harry Corrigan first attended UUFH in 2013, when the Fellowship was meeting at Agudus Israel. They joined in early 2014.They met in 1984 at the UU of Southfield, MI, where they were married in 1985. They were also members of the First Parish UU in Framingham, MA. After years as lapsed UUs from 1988 to 2013 (relocation, careers, a major illness), they reconnected with liberal religion at UUFH.

Charlotte has been active in the Feed the Kids Coalition since 2013, and now coordinates and leads the serving half of the FTK team of volunteers serving meals at the Boys and Girls Club. She co-chairs the Social Justice Outreach Team (SJOT) with Carole Repici. Charlotte writes meeting agendas and minutes, articles for the Beacon and E-Blasts, and keeps up with the many activities and opportunities to work for social justice. She has a strong personal sense of social, political, and economic justice. Charlotte also served for two terms (2015-17) as the UUFH Board Secretary, an experience she values as leading to a better understanding of the behind-the-scenes activities and financial resources necessary for a functioning fellowship. 

Harry also is involved with Feed the Kids, serving as the “milk man” for our UU team. Once a month he serves on the Welcome Team, usually paired with Charlotte. He volunteered to be on the Nominating Committee this spring and, when asked if he knew anyone with accounting experience who could replace our retiring treasurer, very foolishly said “Yes, me.” (Five years with the IRS.) He has been UUFH Treasurer since July. 

Both Harry and Charlotte treasure their time with UU friends and the many opportunities to serve the UUFH and larger communities.

—Susan Maybin, Membership Chairman