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Homework for the New Year [A Natural Bridge]


Here’s a homework suggestion for the New Year. No, seriously, if you take the time to do this, you might thank me. It looks like four pages, but it’s really just two; one you can skim, one is blank, and only two take some thinking. Simply read through the Introduction to the Soul Matters materials […]

Martin Luther King Day of Service


For a second year, UUFH SJOT is participating in a local event celebrating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King. Two events are planned for the third annual Martin Luther King Day of Service on January 15.  UPDATE on 1/15: The Day of Service was a success again this year! Thanks to all who joined […]

Moving Forward with Intention [Family Ministry & Community]


Happy New Year! We hear this all of the time, but what does that salutation mean to you? To me it means we have another chance to think about the person we want to be, and to focus on the work we need to do to be that person. I am not sure New Year’s […]

Building Bridges with Music [Musings from the Music Mouse]


In these days of deep divisions among various elements of our common lives, anything that can help build bridges is a good thing. Fortunately for Fellowship folks, the bridges music builds form one of the strongest programs in this community. Katherine Price, our Music Director, is the accompanist for the Carolina Concert Choir. Many UUFH […]

Rules for a Perfect Society as Proposed by the Men’s Discussion Group


At the November 4, 2017, Men’s Discussion Group, five women and six men met to discuss Kant’s Categorical Imperative. The ground rule was the society was made up of mature adults, and the group developed the following rules. Thou shalt not kill a human that is outside the mother or is now in an ongoing […]

President’s Message: Advocate or Enemy? Listening and Empathy in Practice


A couple of months ago, I wrote about how the initial steps in negotiating are listening and empathy. You don’t have to change your beliefs or convictions when listening to people with opposing views but, until they get the impression that you’re listening to them, they aren’t going to hear a thing you say. So, […]