Six Week Workshop:
Mondays, July 24-Aug. 28, 1-3:30pm
This six-week program is a workshop for people ready to take charge of their pain. Trained volunteers lead participants in group activities to build personalized action plans. Participants sample techniques to relieve pain, get more restful sleep, reduce stress, manage medications, combat fatigue, eat well, build confidence, increase activity, make informed treatment decisions and improve communication.

With an acute medical condition, like strep throat or a broken bone, an individual relies on the care of a doctor to prescribe treatment and cure the issue. However, a chronic health condition (any health problem that requires ongoing medications, monitoring, routine tests and/or follow-ups) requires daily management by the individual. This can feel overwhelming and isolating. Doctors and specialists play an important role, but the individual must decide why, how and when to act. The Living Healthy with Chronic Pain workshop empowers individuals to choose what steps they WANT to take toward better health.

Sponsored by Land of Sky Regional Council’s Area Agency on Aging and UUFH to offer this program to the congregation. The workshop is open to all in the Hendersonville and Flat Rock communities.
Questions or information, contact Stephanie Stewart.