2017- 2018 Events & Meetings – Scheduling & Reserving Space

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Hendersonville’s (UUFH) facilities are for the benefit of, and to serve the needs and interests of the congregation. In addition, we recognize our responsibility to the community by opening our facilities to organizations and individuals whose purpose and philosophy are compatible with the principles of Unitarian Universalism. On scheduled arrangement, the UUFH allows the personal use of its facilities by members and supporting friends, and will allow the rental of the facilities to the public. We retain the right to disallow use by groups that represent beliefs or policies contrary to our denominational principles, purposes and traditions.

To schedule your 2017-2018 committee meetings, events, workshops, etc. please email office@uufhnc.org, and include the following information:

  1. Meeting title and contact person
  2. Date(s), time(s), and preferred meeting location
  3. Short description, if you would like it included on the events calendar
  4. Specific needs or requests
  5. Will you need publicity and/or photography to promote the event? (Available for UUFH meetings and events only.)

Once your information is received, the office manager will confirm the meeting space availability and add your meeting dates to the UUFH online calendar. If publicity is needed for UUFH meetings and events, your request will be added to our office media calendar, and we’ll be in touch to discuss those needs. If you have questions, contact the office manager at 693-3157 or at office@uufhnc.org.