For a second year, UUFH SJOT is participating in a local event celebrating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King. Two events are planned for the third annual Martin Luther King Day of Service on January 15. 

UPDATE on 1/15: The Day of Service was a success again this year! Thanks to all who joined us at St. James Episcopal Church for the work.

One of the two service groups put together thousands of meal equivalent bags of beans and rice for distribution by Storehouse to those in need.  Several UUFH families took part in the project.

UUFH participants in the cookie project packaged and delivered dozens and dozens of homemade cookies from multiple participating congregations with Thank You notes to 8 local police, fire, sheriff and rescue units throughout Hendersonville and nearby communities.

There was a brief program introduced by Larry Winecoff of the event team.  Rabbi Rachael Jackson provided the opening words and Jim McKinley gave the closing words. The program featured an inspiring rendition by  Ms Annie Demps of the speech given by Robert Kennedy in lieu of a campaign event on the evening of Dr. King’s assassination.  This was the third year for this event in Hendersonville.


The Social Justice team will next meet on Wednesday, January 24th at 5:30pm in Fellowship Hall. We invite you to participate.