Sermons by Revs. Jim McKinley and Judith Long

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Feeding Our Neighbors and Our Souls

Over half of the children in Henderson County schools qualify for free and reduced lunch. Over half have food insecurity. In our community of relative wealth and ease, those statistics should be deeply troubling. This month’s Soul Matters guide asks “What It Means to be a Community of Embodiment.” Join Jim and Judy to explore […]

All of Us

The DREAM scholarship program we founded helps make Henderson County a more compassionate, caring community. It also expands our sense of ourselves and who we are. But now the DREAMers we love and support are living in renewed uncertainty and fear. How are we going to respond? How are we going to take care of […]

Dreaming of Economic Justice

Much has been made lately of the economic frustrations of white working class folks, but truly questions of economic justice are as old as humanity itself. Jesus, Muhammad, and Buddha are all said to have spoken about poverty and “the poor.” In his last work, Where Do We Go from Here?, Martin Luther King, Jr. […]

Simply Courageous

This month’s theme is simplicity. Think clarity and clearness. Not easy, but courageous as in brave and from the heart. The DREAM scholarships we started and support are clear and heart felt. It is the hard work and courage of the DREAMers that turns the scholarships into dreams made real and lives fulfilled. Join us as DREAMers share […]