As a Member of UUFH, you are asked to:

• participate in the life of the church

• explore and celebrate our personal spirituality in community with others

• volunteer time and energy in support of UUFH

• provide financial support of record

In return, members:

• are strengthened by mutual commitment to UU principles

• have voting rights as stakeholders in our religious community

• have connections to the Unitarian Universalist movement, worldwide

• will receive our monthly newsletter, The Beacon, and UU World magazine

The path to membership starts with attending at least two of the three sessions in our  program on Unitarian Universalism: History, Spirituality, and Our Congregation. Discussion includes the history of the Unitarian Universalism tradition, spiritual orientation, and how this congregation works. This is an opportunity to meet both current and other potential members. These programs are scheduled three times a year, following the social hour on three successive Sundays.

If you prefer to ease into membership, consider becoming a Friend. While Friends do receive some Member benefits, they are not eligible to vote.


For more information, or to be included in the next New Member Orientation, please contact Susan Maybin, Membership Committee chair (email address to come).