Pastoral Associates

The Pastoral Care Associates are lay members/friends who, work in partnership with the minister, and meet regularly with him (the third Wednesday at 1:30) for ongoing support and to discuss how to best meet the pastoral care needs of the congregation. With training and direction by the minister, they call or visit at home or in the hospital. They offer a caring presence to church members/friends in crisis or transition. At times a ministerial referral is called for. If emergencies arise, during times when the minister is out of town, an associate will contact the on-call minister.

If you are interested in joining the Pastoral Care Associate team, please speak with the minister or one of the associates to learn more. (The on-call associate is listed in the monthly newsletter, the Beacon, and weekly in the Sunday Order of Service.)

Please don’t hesitate to make a referral for yourself or on behalf of someone you care about in the congregation.

Pastoral Associates FAQs

What are pastoral associates?

They are participants in the larger ministry of pastoral care. As trained laypersons they work in partnership with the minister to offer hope and caring–to ensure no one need face life’s struggles alone.

What do they do?

They honor UU principles through effective, supportive listening. They focus on providing a “ministry of presence” in times of crisis or transition within an ethical framework of confidentiality. The relationship with a pastoral associate may range from one or two phone conversations to regular scheduled visits over a number of weeks or months.

They consult with the minister regarding the need for a ministerial visit or when access to other resources would be of benefit to the person being served.

They work with the neighborhood leader and willing others to mobilize a response to help meet practical needs (i.e. transportation, meals) during the crisis or transition.

When do I contact a pastoral associate?

Pastoral associates respond to a full range of life experiences. People find their support helpful when going through difficult events such as an illness, surgery, admission to a nursing home, or death of a loved one. Others may want to share joyful events like the birth of a baby or a new job

Can I still call the minister?

Yes, of course! But no minister alone can provide comprehensive pastoral care to all members and friends of a congregation. The pastoral associates work in collaboration with the minister towards the goal of supporting and expanding the opportunities within our UU family to minister to each other.

Who do I call?

Please don’t hesitate to call on behalf of yourself or a UUFH member or friend you care about. You may call the UUFH office, the minister, or the pastoral associate on call (The on call associate is listed in the Beacon each month or the Sunday program each week.).

How can I help?

Indicate your willingness to be called upon in times of crisis to help with a short term and/or one-time practical need of fellow congregants.

Consider becoming a Fellowship Friend, a relationship in which you are matched with someone for whom it is a struggle to keep connected to fellowship life. Typically, their participation is limited by disabling chronic problems or those associated with declining health or aging.

Notice the PRAYERS AND CONCERNS insert in the Sunday programs. Respond as you are willing and able with a card/call of encouragement or a friendly visit.