Sunday Morning Classes

Preschool Class – “The Rainbow Connection”
A central concept of Unitarian Universalism is the Seven Principles that all congregations affirm and promote. These Principles are considered to be preschoolersstrong values and moral guides that each of us may use to guide our lives. Although preschool children are too young to memorize the Principles, we can focus on the values inherent in each. The Rainbow Connection uses storybooks for preschoolers to discuss those values.

Kindergarten thru 2nd Grade Children – Spirit Play Classroom
A Unitarian Universalist religious education method and ministry based on Montessori philosophy and Jerome Berryman’s Godly Play using story boxes as curriculum. Currently being used in Unitarian Universalist and other liberal churches across the continent, it incorporates multiple styles of learning, hands-on materials, and an atmosphere of the classroom as a sacred space.

3rd – 7th Grade Youth – Makerspace Experience
William Ellery Channing said, “The great end in religious education is not to stamp our minds upon the young, but to stir up their own.” Perhaps the best way to do that is to hand them tools now and give them the opportunity to grow knowledge and skills, becoming problem-solvers who really can change the world. We can bring our UU values and theology to life when we build capacity in our kids for imagining, doing, helping, and healing. We say we are the church of the open minds, helping hands and loving hearts. Makerspace work classrooms can help make that a reality.

Soul Matters Gatherings

Soul Matters Monthly Potlucks
On the first Friday of each month Soul Matters Conversations with adults/youth follow a potluck meal for all ages. Soul Matters Conversations provide the opportunity to delve more deeply into our own spiritual journeys and reflect upon how we live these themes in our lives. In a truly vital way, our groups become connected to each other and to the life of our congregation. Childcare/children’s activities will be provided during the conversations.

Youth Programming

Conversations with Jim
On the 3
rd Sunday of each month from 5-6:30 pm our youth meet with Reverend Jim to eat, have some fun, and talk about either some of the Soul Matters materials or current events that our youth want or need to talk about. We either meet at a restaurant, have a potluck or sometimes we provide pizza for the group at UUFH. All youth are welcome!conversation with the minister

Youth Cons
In mid-December and again in late March our youth are encouraged to attend Youth Conferences, or Youth Cons at The Mountain Retreat in Highlands, NC.  These cons are lots of fun and are a great way of getting to know other UU’s in the area. We go as a group and send at least one adult to supervise our youth. Registration fills up fast so when they are announced we need to act fast!  As always scholarships are available for youth who want to attend but need some help to do so.

We offer the Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education Program every two years to our 7
th – 10th grade youth. This inclusive and comprehensive sexuality education program was developed by the Unitarian Universalist Association and the United Church of Christ with the goal of helping youth not only become educated about all aspects of sexuality but also to help them become sexually healthy people who feel good about themselves and their bodies, remain healthy, and build positive, equitable loving relationships. A mandatory Parent Orientation will be presented several weeks before the program begins.

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