Welcome to Family Ministry & Community–our new partnership with the families of this congregation. Our vibrant family community is supportive, parents and children riding in wagonsoulful and welcoming. Together we create a unique spiritual community where we share and explore our paths as parents, partners and families.

Our Family Ministry & Community Program’s purpose is to  provide faith development opportunities and to support families on their spiritual journeys. The focus on family is key, because we recognize how important it is to serve parents the same as we have always served their children and youth. We will provide a focused program to guide and support the entire family. Family ministry recognizes that parents are essential to their children’s spiritual development regardless of where they are on their own faith journey. Our program’s role is to support our families in this endeavor. Together we will provide opportunities for faith development and involvement in this beloved community.


Our FMC Program is a cooperative program of adults and children guided by our Family Ministry Council and Vicki Benavides, Coordinator of Family Ministry & Community. Vicki can be reached by email or by calling the office at 828-693-3157.

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