Registration and Photo Release

Registration Form 
We offer online registration for our Family Ministry & Community Programming. We encourage everyone to register their children as soon as possible so that we have access to all health conditions, allergies or medications of which we need to be aware.

Photo Consent and Release Form
From time to time photographs (or other digital reproductions), videos and/or audio clips may be taken of the children, youth and adults of our Family Ministry Program engaging in UUFH programs and activities. Filling out the UUFH Photo Release Form makes using these images possible. We never include the names of the children in any publications or online postings without special permission from the parent or caregiver.

Volunteer Opportunities

Everyone volunteering is essential for the success of our programming for the coming year. It is our expectation that everyone who has a child in our program will volunteer in the program in one form or another. Ours is a many faceted cooperative program with only one paid staff person dedicated to Family Ministry, so we need everyone to do their part. We have lots of volunteer opportunities to choose from… the important thing is to participate!

Family Ministry Council – Meets monthly to guide and plan all aspects of the Family Ministry Programming working closely with the Coordinator of Family Ministry & Community. This is a place where you can certainly make a difference.  

Children’s Guides – Formerly known as RE Teachers. Commitment involves attending annual training session and being in your classroom an average of one Sunday a month. This is a way to be directly involved with the spiritual development of our children and youth. Our teachers will tell you that they learn as much as they teach!

Youth Mentors – Two opportunities to participate here! The first one is to work with our youth in the Makerspace Room. This will involve guiding the group through the activity for the day. Mentors will also be needed when we begin our Coming of Age Program with our high school youth. If you volunteer here you will discover how great our youth are. This is a wonderful opportunity!

Family Care Team – We need volunteers to help coordinate any care needs our families may have, in conjunction with our Pastoral Care Team. These would include: support needed when a new child arrives, during a family illness or  

Families in Action Team – Would you like to help out with our Social Action Activities? We need people who enjoy helping make good things happen! Join this team to help seek out or coordinate Social Action Projects

Family Ministry Events Team – Are special events your thing? Looking for a volunteer opportunity that involves finite tasks? This could be the team for you. Help host special events like Easter Lunch, Stone Soup Sunday or the Cookie Bake. Lots of opportunities to help.  

Promotions Team – Central to all of these programs is good communication. Volunteer here if you want to help keep everyone in the loop. We don’t want our families to miss out on any events so we need someone to help out here.

Family Greeter Team – Be part of the group that greets families as they arrive on Sunday mornings. They will be responsible for letting families know if we start upstairs or downstairs and what the activity is for the day. They will also escort new families downstairs and show them where their children will be that morning. It’s always nice for families to be greeted by other families when they arrive.

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