At the November 4, 2017, Men’s Discussion Group, five women and six men met to discuss Kant’s Categorical Imperative. The ground rule was the society was made up of mature adults, and the group developed the following rules.

  1. Thou shalt not kill a human that is outside the mother or is now in an ongoing unacceptable quality of life and wants to die.
  2. Thou shall treat animals in a dignified, respectful way.
  3. Thou shalt not rape another animal.
  4. Live a contented life being helpful to others, and explore beauty, art, and science; ever mindful that love and death restrict, even tyrannize over your most personal freedoms.
  5. Avoid all extremes and when they occur; make the most of them.
  6. Live for touching a life for the good.
  7. Do whatever you practically can do to make life better for others.
  8. Concerning the distribution of goods and services: give according to people’s needs, take according to people’s abilities and distribute the rest equally.
  9. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, and ask first before acting.
  10. Seek happiness with someone else’s happiness in mind. Never seek happiness when it leads to someone else’s UN-happiness.
  11. It is a higher moral principle to seek liberty with some-one else’s liberty in mind, and never seek liberty when it leads to someone else’s loss of liberty.

— Don Emon

What do you think about the rules the group developed? What changes or additions would you make? Tell us in the comments below.