Politics, Turtles, and Hope


September 17 – 10:30am Rev. Jim McKinley A lot happened on the political stage in July and August, or so it seems from the news. Yet little really changed while I was “out of touch.” At the same time, along the Pacific beach where I stayed, sea turtles nested and little turtles hatched as they […]

You Are Welcome


Here. Love Welcomes All. And at the same time you are welcome in your uniqueness, your particularities that make you, you. We say you are welcome in response to thank you. But it also speaks of appreciation for being, belonging, and being here. Bring your touchstone, your summer water, for our Ingathering Ceremony to gather […]

On Empathy


What is empathy? What are its requirements and obstacles? What is at stake in a world bereft of the capacity for empathy?  Dr. Pedro Sandin is a native of Puerto Rico, where he was professor of French until his retirement in 2006. Between 2008 and 2015, he was a Spanish lecturer at UNC-Asheville. He currently […]

We’re All In This Together


Sometimes even a single individual’s pain and suffering seems too much to bear. How can we possibly help everyone? We can. Really.  If even one person stands up and speaks out, if even one person dares to meet the challenge, to give voice and attention to the struggle, there can be change for the good for all of […]

What One Can Learn from World Religions


From issues of immigration and civil rights to “What One Can Learn from World Religions” August 20 – 10:30am Prof. Marc Mullinax Marc Mullinax returns to the lectern to speak from his heart. From his frequent forays into the world’s faiths, through travels, teaching, books, and personal experience, Marc will show the benefits of becoming […]

Looking for a New Pattern

Patterns from above

Have you ever driven or walked somewhere only to “not remember” how you got there or worse—the car on autopilot drove to the wrong place? We have so many patterns in our moments and days. What are your patterns, the ones you know about and the ones you don’t know about? Edward Proulx is a […]


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Peacemaking in the Nuclear Age

Image for Peacemaking Reflection

Is there a reasonable hope for peace, hope for a world that is free of nuclear weapons? Listen to Lyndon Harris’s reflection on peacemaking in the nuclear age and the soul-force each one of us can embrace to make sense out of difficult times. Lyndon Harris is the Co-director of Tigg’s Pond Retreat Center in […]

Making Sense of Life’s Changes


Change is good and change is hard. Negotiating through life’s changes determines the quality of our lives.  Let’s explore that issue. Dr. Earle Rabb is a retired United Methodist minister. He is the author of the book, “The Case of the Missing Person,” a look at Jesus as a wisdom teacher and community organizer. Please share: […]

Walking Together


We are a unique community… both our lovely town in our beautiful mountain home and our UUFH congregation. Community matters. Relationships matter. The “how” of our community matters. I invite you to explore with me our “how” of walking together in Hendersonville and as Unitarian Universalists. See you at church. Please share: on Twitter on […]