Risk and Resilience


Three messengers from our history and traditions speak to us today and help form our religious orientation: William Ellery Channing, who held up “an exalted view of human love and possibility”; Theodore Parker who said there is “a moral arc of the universe” that we can bend toward justice; and Susan B. Anthony, who modeled […]

What Is Your Story?


It’s not about what happened. It’s about the story of what happened. What are your life stories? How do you share them, and with whom do you share them? And what are the stories we tell ourselves? Maybe yours has some magic or terrible fear, but there’s probably a hero in there, too. We’ll explore […]

Endarkenment: Walking Humbly and Staying Human


The shock and awe of the past two months may have left us sliding up and down the grief mountains of Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. Marc Mullinax will offer us a sixth way: quiet, behind-the-scenes Resistance. By “going low” and “going dark” we will negotiate new, unexpected resources of energy, community, and creativity […]

The Joy of Commitment


I would add “and Freedom and Hope and Grace Beyond that Commitment,” but the sign can’t hold such a long title. Take action, lift despair, empower grace. In this commitment Sunday, you become part of the difference you hope to make and your hope becomes much more than you alone. It becomes this congregation, the […]

Better Together


Together in one human family. The message and mission comes straight out of our Universalist tradition and heritage. It is what we stand on and for. One human family – no exceptions. One family of being. We are called to expand our circle of compassion, not contract it. We step up to make the larger […]

Annotation to Animation

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That’s the phrase environmental education professor Mallory McDuff used to frame Hope and Action for Creation for the first 100 days. Annotation to animation: turn media watching and concern into creative ideas and response. The Women’s March—and Marches—did that in many different ways. We’ll hear how hope became real for those who went and what […]

Your Response Matters


Our response to questions asked of us can define us in our society. As Unitarian Universalists, we are often asked about our beliefs. Everyday interactions allow us opportunities to better explain our philosophies and interests, and we learn to act (not react) when we are met with negativity. Our response matters not only in defining […]

All of Us

The DREAM scholarship program we founded helps make Henderson County a more compassionate, caring community. It also expands our sense of ourselves and who we are. But now the DREAMers we love and support are living in renewed uncertainty and fear. How are we going to respond? How are we going to take care of […]

Each of Us


Our theme this month asks: “What does it mean to be a community of identity?” – a group of us, where each belongs. “Whoever you are, we bid you welcome;” much easier said than done. How do we reach across divisions of difference to be the community and world we hope for? Parker Palmer writes […]

Keep on Moving Forward


On November 13th, we sang Pat Humphries’ song “Never Turning Back.” I called it “a simple anthem of encouragement, possibility and persistence.” It’s also known as “Keep on Moving Forward.” In this time of dark winter days and two days after Inauguration Day, it’s a song and a message that will feel good to hear […]