From issues of immigration and civil rights to
“What One Can Learn from World Religions”
August 20 – 10:30am

Prof. Marc Mullinax

Marc Mullinax returns to the lectern to speak from his heart. From his frequent forays into the world’s faiths, through travels, teaching, books, and personal experience, Marc will show the benefits of becoming multi-lingual in our world’s spiritual languages.

Marc is a Professor of Religion at Mars Hill University, and serves as Chair of its Faculty. He remains Baptist in his soul-freedom lovin’ heart, but his mind is at home in progressive spiritual traditions like UU.

We’re All In This Together
August 27 – 10:30am

Meg and Todd Hoke

Sometimes even a single individual’s pain and suffering seems too much to bear. How can we possibly help everyone? We can. Really. If even one person stands up and speaks out, if even one person dares to meet the challenge, to give voice and attention to the struggle, there can be change for the good for all of us. Meg Hoke will share through her social work advocacy perspective and experience how powerful change can start with something tiny and grow. Todd Hoke will once again provoke and inspire through his music.