The symbol of our faith – Unitarian Universalism – is the flaming chalice.  Our symbol is composed of two interlocking circles surrounding a flaming chalice and open inclusive space.  One circle represents the Unitarian heritage and the other symbolizes Universalism.  Considered together, these four elements comprise the features of our free progressive faith:chalice_bw

Universalism – Acceptance, compassion and love; all are worthy; an inclusive and embracing understanding of being.  We live in a generous and generative universe.  There is good intent at the heart of life.

Unitarianism – Freedom, reason, and creativity affirm the potential for everyone to grow in wisdom and integrity.  Jesus is one traditional exemplar of this exalted view of human possibility.  You can trust your core potential for growth in mind, body, and soul.

Sacred Space – Inclusive opportunity space.  An invisible fecundity; an active emptiness; a resonant womb of emerging possibilities. People, place, and heritage form and reflect the character of the space of life itself.  They cultivate soul, deepen faith, and co-create meaningful, caring community.

The Flaming Chalice – A beacon of hope engaged through public witness for justice, compassion and earth stewardship.  We live an incarnational ethic through mutuality, service, and personal practice.  We hold ourselves responsible to the interrelatedness of all life.


  ©Rev. Roy Reynolds and Rev. Jim McKinley

GA June 2008