A Brief History of UUFH

In 1981, 17 pioneers established the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Hendersonville and received designation as a member congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Association of America. In 1990 the 85-member congregation called the Rev. Charles W. Grady to half-time ministry. The Fellowship purchased an available church property in 1994, financed with loans from the members and a Chalice Lighter grant.

The congregation called the Rev. James McKinley as its first full-time minister in 1997. Jim’s service and work with the Fellowship and his community activities contributed to continued member growth. The increasing presence of younger adults and families and
the expanded religious education enrollment brings enriched intergenerational life to the Fellowship.

After two years of planning and design work, our congregation voted to renovate our present facility on Kanuga Road in 2012, so that it would better reflect who we are and enable us to more fully live out our mission.

The Fellowship is a vigorous and energized congregation, anticipating its journey into the future with continued ministry to its congregation, concern for the wider community, and the education of its children and youth for responsible citizenship.